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From our experts

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The Densification of Montreal: What Does it Mean for the Mountain?

March 29 2022

From our experts: Marie-Odile Trépanier, Honorary Professor of Urban Planning at Université de Montréal and member of the Board of Directors of Les Amis de la montagne, and Maryline Charbonneau, Director of Public Affairs at Les Amis de la montagne.
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Winter birds on Mount Royal

February 23 2022

For many of us, the sound of birds singing is a sign that spring is around the corner. But regardless of the season, Mount Royal is a veritable avian paradise where both amateur and professional bird-watchers can observe our fine, feathered friends to their hearts’ content without ever leaving the city. The mountain is home to over 180 species of birds, at least 100 of which can be observed throughout the year. This month, expert environmental conservation patroller and FeederWatch project coordinator Pascale Bélanger-Lavallée tells us about the bird species found on Mount Royal in the winter and explains the importance of responsible bird-watching.
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Paroles de Paysages – Mount Royal from Three Perspectives

January 24 2022

Les Amis de la montagne is about to launch an exciting new project designed to give visitors some fascinating insight into the natural and cultural history of Mount Royal from three distinct perspectives. Project Manager Kaisa Tikkanen talks about Paroles de paysages : Trois regards sur la montagne.

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Launch of the 17th edition of the FeederWatch program

November 26 2021

The 17th season of the FeederWatch program launched in early November. Pascale Bélanger-Lavallée, Expert environmental conservation patroller and project coordinator tells us why it’s important.

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Trails closed, ecosystems regenerating!

September 02 2021

Mountain enthusiasts may come across a few closed trails this fall, but this is good news. Antonin St-Jean, Head of Conservation Services at Les amis de la montagne, explains why.
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Caterpillar Hanging by a Thread

June 29 2021

Have you noticed the little caterpillars in the forests? Here are some facts and observations from Antonin St-Jean, head of Les amis' Conservation Services.

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