Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Photo : © Frédérique Ménard Aubin

When your company or organization makes a donation to Les Amis de la montagne, we invite your teams to participate in a volunteer environmental activity that supports our mission to protect the mountain’s natural spaces. Mount Royal is an invaluable natural resource in the heart of an ever-expanding urban environment.

Maintaining the mountain’s biodiversity involves finding solutions to help counter problems caused by such issues as the propagation of invasive plant species, climate change and the passage of thousands of visitors.

Would you like to cultivate engagement with us, and actively involve your teams in protecting the natural environment? Let's join forces.

Take action to protect Mount Royal as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program

Les Amis de la montagne invite corporate groups to participate in an environmental stewardship activity on Mount Royal, as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) component of our Environmental Stewardship Program.

Together, we can take action to protect the mountain's biodiversity!

Les Amis’ Environmental Stewardship Program in numbers

  • 38,000+ trees and shrubs planted since 1993
  • 17+ hectares of woodland controlled for invasive plant species
  • 73,000+ volunteer hours 

Benefits of participating in the CSR Program


A collaborative, team-building activity in the great outdoors–but without leaving the city. A new way to build community and engagement, and encourage action on a local scale.


Support the conservation of the 700 plant and 90 tree species, as well as 200 bird and mammal species, and countless insects, including the Monarch Butterfly, that call Mount Royal home.

Activities offered

1. Invasive plant management

The dog-strangling vine and common buckthorn are invasive plants that have adverse effects on the survival and regeneration of Mount Royal’s woodlands and, by extension, its flora and fauna.

  • What: Your teams will control these invasive species by uprooting or cutting them down.
  • When: Every Wednesday or Thursday, from June-October 2024
2. Native trees and shrubs plantation  

Planting native trees and shrubs helps fight against the propagation of invasive plants and supports the natural regeneration of Mount Royal’s forest. 

  • What: Your teams will plant trees and shrubs in strategic locations.
  • When: Every Wednesday or Thursday, from September-October 2024

How it works

  • Maximum number of participants: 25
  • Length of activity: 3 hours
  • Supervision: Our conservation team will train and assist participants
  • Materials: Les Amis will provide everything needed
  • Certificate: Your company will receive a certificate attesting to your participation in our environmental stewardship activities

Did you know? We host a maximum of 20 CSR Program activities annually on the mountain. Want to learn more about our actions to preserve Mount Royal? Consult our 2022-2023 impact Report.

Are you ready to cultivate engagement with us?   

Does your company share our commitment to protect and promote our precious Mount Royal, and you want to take a more active role?

  • Contact Chloé Faussat at 514-843-8240, extension 276, or by email at
  • Tax receipt: Les Amis de la montagne is a non-profit organization, and will issue an income tax receipt for donations of $30 or more.

Thank you!

We would like to thank the companies that made a donation in 2023 to Les Amis's mission and took action to support of our beautiful mountain as part of this program.

Let's Be Friends

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