Corporate Social Responsibility Program

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Mount Royal is an invaluable natural resource in the heart of an ever-expanding urban environment. Maintaining the mountain’s biodiversity involves finding solutions to help counter problems caused by such issues as the propagation of invasive plant species, climate change and the passage of thousands of visitors.

Take Action to Protect Mount Royal as Part of your Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR)

Les Amis de la montagne implements various programs that enable the organization to play an active role in preserving Mount Royal’s biodiversity and raising awareness of the fragility of its natural spaces. Based on our in-depth knowledge of the mountain’s ecosystems and our extensive experience in volunteer training and community engagement, our programs reflect our citizens’ desire to help protect the environment by taking significant action locally, on the mountain. 


Impacts of Environmental Stewardship
  • 28,500+ volunteer contributions made to our Environmental Stewardship Program over the years
  • 73,000+ volunteer conservation hours recorded over the years
  • 1,500+ citizen volunteers per year sensitized to the importance of supporting the mountain's biodiversity and the challenges involved in doing so
  • 36,880 trees and shrubs planted since 1993
  • 45+ indigenous species planted
  • 16+ hectares of woodland controlled for invasive plant species (common buckthorn and dog-strangling vine)

Environmental Stewardship Program – CSR Component

Les Amis has a unique opportunity for companies that wish to make volunteering and environmental responsibility an integral part of their corporate culture while supporting Mount Royal and strengthening the team spirit that drives their employees.

Companies and organizations that make a donation to Les Amis de la montagne can now plan a volunteering event to support our mission to protect the mountain’s natural habitats. Your donation will enable you to organize an environmental stewardship activity with up to 25 of your employees on Mount Royal, led by our expert conservation team.

A maximum of 20 corporate groups per year can be accommodated on the mountain.

Activities offered: 
  • Invasive plant management  

The dog-strangling vine and common buckthorn are non-native invasive plants that have adverse effects on the survival and regeneration of Mount Royal’s woodlands and, by extension, on the area’s vegetation and wildlife. During your activity with Les Amis de la montagne, you will contribute to the ongoing management of these undesirable species by uprooting them or cutting them down.

Wednesdays or Thursdays from June to October 2023

  • Planting of native trees

Native tree and shrub species are planted in an effort to fight against the propagation of invasive plants and support the natural regeneration of Mount Royal’s forest. Under the guidance of our expert team, you will plant native trees and shrubs in strategic locations.

Wednesdays or Thursdays from September to October 2023


A receipt for income tax purposes will be issued upon request following your corporate donation. The receipt will allow you to benefit from a tax deduction, and you will also be named in our Impact Report and on the Donors & Sponsors page of our website. A certificate of participation listing the actions you took part in will be sent to you following the environmental stewardship activity. 

For more information, please contact Camille Saade-Traboulsi at

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