With its green expanses, sweeping views and heritage buildings, Mount Royal Park is often the first place that comes to mind when planning a gathering, shooting a movie or holding a meeting.
Because Mount Royal Park is part of the Mount Royal Heritage Site, certain rules must be respected to preserve this magnificent jewel and iconic Montréal site. Before organizing a picnic in the park, for instance, read our FAQ and find out about services provided in the park.

Does your group include 50 or more people?

When planning an event with 50 people or more, such as a big party, fundraiser or sporting event, in Mount Royal Park, you must obtain a permit from the City of Montréal. Please note that the City’s Public Events Division only issues permits to non-profit organizations in Montréal.

See the City of Montréal’s website to find out more about public events in Mount Royal Park.

For information on holding medium- or large-scale events in the park, please refer to City of Montréal guidelines (French only).

Looking for a fun group activity on Mount Royal?

Les amis de la montagne proposes a series of fun group activities in Mount Royal Park throughout the seasons! Check out our activities or outings for groups of adults or groups of young people.

Smith House

Built in 1858, this historic residence and Les amis de la montagne headquarters is located in the heart of Mount Royal, halfway between Beaver Lake and the Mount Royal Chalet. Smith House proposes one room on the 2nd floor that is ideal for meetings or intimate gatherings.

Ballroom (only available on weeknights and weekends)

  • Maximum capacity: 80 standing/60 seated
  • Dimensions: 48.7 feet long (14.8 m) x 17.9 feet wide (5.4 m) x 10 feet high (3 m)
  • Included: 10 tables (6’ x 30’’ or 183 cm x 76 cm) and 70 chairs
  • Refrigerator and kitchen island equipped with large counter and sink
  • Audiovisual equipment available upon request for an additional fee: sound system (with six affixed speakers), projection screen and projector. Occupants must bring their own portable computer. 
Rental rate for 4 hours or less: $360
Rate per additional hour: $90


  • There is no air conditioning; however the ballroom is well aired thanks to large windows.
  • Dishes, utensils and tablecloths are excluded.
  • Wireless Internet is available for occupants.
  • Catering services are offered by the Café des Amis (see menu and wine list). 


  • A $275 security deposit is required when renting a room.

Additional Fees

  • Parking fees (managed by Stationnement de Montréal): $3 per hour or $11 per day, payable at parking meters
  • Ballroom audiovisual equipment: flat rate of $50 per day
Rates and additional fees are subject to change without notice.

Getting to Smith House and Accessibility

You can get to Smith House by public transport or car, or by bike or on foot if you prefer active transportation. Note that the room is located on the 1st floor and there is no elevator. The ballroom is thus not accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

Adding an Outdoor Activity to Your Room Rental 

Mix business with pleasure and turn a regular meeting into something out of the ordinary! Join one of our discovery walks or snowshoe excursions or gather the crew for a sliding party in the winter! See our list of proposed group activities to find out more. 

Contact Us to Visit or to Reserve

If you are ready to reserve, please complete our reservation form, and we will contact you to confirm your request.

For more information or to make an appointment to visit, please contact our reservations manager at 514 843-8240, ext. 235 or at reservations@lemontroyal.qc.ca.

Mount Royal Chalet

Les amis de la montagne is not responsible for renting the Mount Royal Chalet. Please see the City of Montréal Public Events Division (French only) for details.
Les amis de la montagne has a very active presence in Mount Royal Park. For interviews with members of our team, see the press room.

If you want to shoot a movie or a TV show in Mount Royal Park, you’ll find all the information you need below:

Choosing Mount Royal Park or the Mount Royal Chalet as a Film Location

The Montréal Film and TV Commission is responsible for issuing the necessary authorizations and permits for filming for movies or TV in the outdoor spaces of Mount Royal Park, Kondiaronk Belvedere or inside the Mount Royal Chalet.

See the commission’s website for details.

Choosing Smith House or the Beaver Lake Pavilion as a Film Location

It is possible to shoot for a film or TV production in Smith House and the Beaver Lake Pavilion. Please note, however, that Les amis de la montagne is responsible for offering food and event rental services in Smith House and Beaver Lake Pavilion to park visitors. As a result, public access to either site cannot be restricted during the opening hours of our visitor welcome and restaurant services.

For more information on filming at Smith House or the Beaver Lake Pavilion, contact us at 514 843-8240, ext. 235 or at reservations@lemontroyal.qc.ca.

If you would like to rent a room for your film crew, the Smith House ballroom is available on weeknights and weekends. See details above in the section on room rentals.