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Motivated by a desire to protect the interests of Mount Royal, Les amis de la montagne endeavours to bring together public authorities, institutional property owners, business stakeholders and the Montréal community around a common vision for the mountain. Our role of is one of representation and education, based on a deep understanding of the mountain as a fundamental element in the urban fabric of Montréal and of its role in our identity and our landscape.

Key Areas of Focus

Our advocacy goal is to ensure that the mountain as a whole remains front and centre in all talks pertaining to the sustainable development of Montréal and to encourage enlightened decision-making as regards the future of Mount Royal. We are fortunate to be able to count on a team of professionals as well as the full support of experts and community leaders who work with us on a volunteer basis.

As Mount Royal advocates, our key areas of focus are:

  • Optimal repurposing of landmark buildings and sites established on Mount Royal.
  • Preserving the mountain and its emblematic presence in the city through informed urban development decisions.
  • Effective park management with a focus on park use and the sustainability of its exceptional biodiversity.
  • Enlightened governance of the Mount Royal Heritage Site as whole, including achieving UNESCO World Heritage status for the territory.
  • Community involvement and civic engagement.


View of Mount Royal from St. Lawrence River in Montréal

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Royal Victoria Hospital in Montréal

Photo © Les amis de la montagne


Advisory Role

Les amis de la montagne is regularly called upon to review or take part in the development of proposals and projects that have an impact on the mountain. We are recognized as the go-to organisation for expert advice and feedback on such matters.

Table de concertation du Mont-Royal (TCMR)

Les amis de la montagne is a leading member of the Table de concertation du Mont-Royal (TCMR). Founded in 2005, this working table of Mount Royal stakeholders gathers representatives of universities, hospitals, religious organisations and cemeteries established on the mountain, along with heritage and environmental protection organizations. Working in an advisory capacity, it guides responsible decision-making relative to the territory. Municipal and Quebec ministry departments responsible for managing the park and heritage site also take part in TCMR meetings as observers.

With our intimate knowledge of Mount Royal and the challenges related to its care, Les amis de la montagne has significantly contributed to discussions at the TCMR, helping to build informed consensus concerning accessibility, environmental conservation, governance and the protection and improvement of Mount Royal Park and the mountain as a whole.

For information on TCMR consensuses, visit Bureau du Mont Royal (French only).

Park Use

Les amis de la montagne also maintains an open dialogue with the City of Montréal and other associations relative to the use of public spaces on Mount Royal. We participate in the evaluation of proposals for major public events in Mount Royal Park and develop recommendations. Our reports cover the potential impacts of such events, including environmental and public accessibility impacts.

As part of our mission, we analyze all projects affecting the park and its installations and participate in public consultations on related issues.

Knowledge Building

Les amis de la montagne sits on advisory, scientific and research committees of universities and various organisations. We thus represent the interests of the mountain while contributing to the advancement of knowledge in education, cultural mediation, environmental protection as well as city planning and heritage landscape protection, to name but a few.

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