Environmental Conservation

Photo : © Les amis de la montagne

Les amis de la montagne plays a key role in preserving the biodiversity on Mount Royal. Our city’s mountain is an invaluable natural treasure set in an ever-expanding urban environment. Maintaining its biodiversity is a constant challenge that demands the design and implementation of strategies addressing such problems as the proliferation of invasive exotic species, climate change, pollution and the intensive use of public space.
Our team of biologists and specialists advocate for the mountain’s rich ecosystem and develop site-specific solutions that meet the imperatives of nature conservation. Their commitment has led to the creation of activities and programs to raise awareness about the importance of Mount Royal’s natural environment as well as its vulnerability.

We might not be out of the woods yet, but thanks to efforts of our team with help from the community and our partners, we’re on the right path.
Research and Data

Research and Data

Through their efforts and hands-on approach, our experts research, collect and analyze data that serves to better understand and safeguard the mountain’s natural environment. Given this wealth of knowledge, Les amis de la montagne plays an important advisory role with the City of Montréal, documenting its extensive studies with reports and recommendations. We also join the discussion on issues concerning the connectivity of natural environments and the creation of green corridors linking the mountain and other green spaces in Montréal.


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Photo : © Frédérique Ménard Aubin

Environmental Stewardship Program

Every year, thousands of volunteers join our Environmental Stewardship Program. Many participate with friends and family on Saturday mornings during the summer. Others come as part of school, corporate or community initiatives. These volunteers engage in various tasks related to Mount Royal’s biodiversity, from uprooting invasive exotic species to planting trees, bushes and ferns.



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Photo : © Les amis de la montagne

Conservation Patrol

Created in 2003, our Conservation Patrol endeavours to inform visitors of the environmental challenges facing the mountain and the cumulative effect of their actions. Patrollers are our eyes and ears on the ground as they raise awareness about the importance of conserving natural environments and protecting plant and wildlife habitats. Part of their job is to encourage the public to stop throwing garbage in the undergrowth, making fires or campsites, going off trail on foot or bicycle, and feeding the animals. They also collect and report data relative to the state of the mountain’s natural environments as well as detrimental park uses.


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