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Gala des Prix de la conservation Nature sauvage: the Coalition des Montérégiennes rewarded for its efforts!

April 08 2024

Nearly three years after its creation, the Coalition des Montérégiennes sees its efforts rewarded by its peers at the Gala des Prix de la conservation Nature sauvage, receiving the "Initiative of the Year" award. The thirteen members of the Coalition, including Les Amis de la montagne, are thrilled with this recognition! Learn more about the origin and role of the Coalition.

Photo: Réseau de milieux naturels protégés

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How to control invasive alien species on Mount Royal?

March 20 2024

Invasive alien species (IAS) of plants, animals and other organisms have been identified as one of the main threats to biodiversity on a global scale. The introduction of invasive species—alone or combined with other factors—has contributed to 60% of animal and plant extinctions worldwide. On its own, IAS has been responsible for 16% of recorded extinctions worldwide.

On a more local scale, Mount Royal is also undergoing successive attacks from IAS that are contributing to a decline in biodiversity. The last decade has been particularly notable for the proliferation of emerald ash borer, gypsy moth caterpillar and the colonization of woodlands by European buckthorn.

Photo: Charline Veyret

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Spend spring break with Les Amis de la montagne!

February 22 2024

Are you hoping to share memorable moments with your family over spring break? Maybe even make it educational? And not involve screens? Les Amis de la montagne is here with a selection of outdoor activities in the heart of the city. Are you ready to make the most of spring break?

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Putting the protection of Mount Royal views as a top priority

February 07 2024

Another building project, publicly commented on by Les Amis de la montagne, is making headlines as it jeopardizes an iconic view of Mount Royal. The expansion of the building located at 1500 McGill College Avenue (Place Montréal Trust) could partially block the view of Mount Royal from Esplanade Place Ville Marie. Better planning and stronger reinforcement of regulatory tools is required.

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Five Essential Conditions for the Successful Redevelopment of Camillien-Houde Way

February 01 2024

Les Amis de la montagne welcomed the City of Montréal’s announcement concerning the redevelopment of Camillien-Houde Way on September 13, 2023. With this major redevelopment project, the City aims to make circulation safer for the more vulnerable, strengthen Mount Royal’s fragile biodiversity and showcase our mountain in the heart of the city.

Photo Kenan Alboshi

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Les Amis in the news in 2023

January 08 2024

Les Amis and Mount Royal made a few headlines in 2023. Here are the articles, open letters and interviews that helped promote the interests of our favourite mountain.

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4 unique gift ideas inspired by nature and our mountain!

December 20 2023

You still have a few presents and host gifts to buy, but you’ve run out of ideas? This year, give a more sustainable gift—give them unforgettable moments instead.


Crédit photo : Charline Veyret

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Overview of our 2023 Environmental Stewardship Program

December 12 2023

Have you heard of our Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP)? Launched in 2007, this program enables us to leverage two core values: environmental conservations of Mount Royal, and engagement building and community involvement! 

This year, ESP has been an enormous success.


Crédit photo : Charline Veyret

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TD Bank Group backing Les Amis de la montagne for over 15 years: In conversation with a committed partner

December 11 2023

Since 2005, TD Bank Group has been supporting Les Amis de la montagne through a variety of programs. In recent years, TD has concentrated its efforts on supporting grassroots environmental projects,

Credit photo: Charline Veyret

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A step towards realizing the conservation plans of the Coalition des Montérégiennes

November 30 2023

Les Amis are pleased that the Ministère de l'environnement du Québec is providing an envelope of $144 million to support conservation efforts in southern Quebec.

Credit photo: Sébastien Foray

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