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Assessment of the Implementation of a Special Urban Planning Program for Griffintown: Placing the Neighbourhood in its Environmental and Landscape Context

Mount Royal is at the heart of Montreal's landscape and identity. Numerous planning regulations aim to ensure its predominant place in the city's skyline and panorama. Over the years, however, these regulations have proved inadequate. Many views that were supposed to be protected have gradually been obscured by real-estate projects, particularly on the banks of the Lachine Canal. 

It is to advocate for the need to reverse this trend and to emphasize the importance of preserving the mountain's emblematic presence that Les Amis de la montagne has actively participated in some fifteen public consultations since 2017. The assessment of the implementation of Griffintown’s urban planning program is another opportunity for planners to respond to the issues raised by the development and densification of the downtown core and its surrounding neighbourhoods, which directly affect the preservation of Mount Royal's iconic presence.

Furthermore, the health of Mount Royal's natural habitats and green spaces depends in large part on their connectivity with a network of healthy parks and natural spaces throughout the island. In light of the lessons learned since the development of the Griffintown neighbourhood, full importance must be given to the protection and enhancement of the natural environments that contribute not only to the quality of life of the neighbourhood's residents, but also to the vitality of the environment as a whole.

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