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A Look Back at Mission Monarch 2023

The conservation team at Les Amis de la montagne would like to thank everyone who participated in the Mission Monarch citizen science program, aimed at protecting and conserving this magnificent butterfly. Between July 28 and August 6, we had the pleasure of welcoming 52 participants, as well as more than 200 visitors to the three kiosks hosted by experts from Les Amis de la montagne and Space for Life on July 29th.

With meticulous determination, these budding scientists detected the presence of the monarch butterfly in all its life stages on milkweed plants. A total of 25 eggs and 11 caterpillars were found on 1,006 milkweed plants, but that's not all! Other species like the milkweed tussock moth and the giant swallowtail were also seen during this period. This information will contribute to the database and help document the reproductive and migratory success of the monarch across North America. We hope that everyone enjoyed discovering or rediscovering the monarch butterfly in all its forms with us.

You can also take part in Mission Monarch on your own and submit the data you’ve collected on the Space for Life website.

We hope to see all the volunteers on the mountain again soon! Check our website for upcoming environmental activities.


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