Les Amis de la montagne is participating in the development of the Projet de Ville : vers un plan d'urbanisme et de mobilité

Through the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM), the City of Montréal initiated an important conversation with the public by presenting its Projet de Ville : vers un plan d'urbanisme et de mobilité, the first phase in the development of the urban and mobility plan that will determine the future of the City of Montréal until 2050. Les Amis de la montagne seized the opportunity provided by the OCPM to make 31 recommendations designed to ensure that Mount Royal is considered a key element in the planning of our city.

The City Project sets out guidelines for addressing a number of urban issues. It establishes the vision and paths to be taken in developing the territory and shaping mobility in a context of ecological transition. Its implementation will undoubtedly influence the lives of Montrealers at the city, neighbourhood, building and human levels.

Given the central place that Mount Royal has always occupied in the development of our city, we believe the mountain should be showcased as a distinctive feature and key element of Montreal—that is, an element that is important not only for the attractiveness and diversity of its downtown core, but also for the entire metropolitan region and its urban structures, landscaping, architecture, culture, and network of parks and natural habitats.

Consult our brief (in French) to learn about the recommendations submitted by Les Amis.

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