On August 14, the City of Montréal presented an action plan entitled Stratégie centre-ville, a strategic vision that aims to sustain momentum in the downtown sector over a 15-year horizon. The Stratégie Centre-Ville plan was first presented in the fall of 2016 during the OCPM (Office de consultation publique de Montréal) public consultations during which Les amis de la montagne submitted a brief.

This strategy identifies Mount Royal as one of the key defining elements of Montréal that contributes to the uniqueness of the downtown area and includes, as principal actions, the repurposing of large institutional complexes on the mountain. Among the institutional buildings featured in the plan, the Royal Victoria and Hôtel-Dieu hospitals are presented as two major projects for Montréal’s downtown sector.

The repurposing of these two buildings, which have occupied vast areas on the mountain for more than a century, poses major challenges. For Les amis de la montagne, these endeavours represent a unique opportunity to live up to Montrealers’ expectations, which have been expressed countless times over the last decades. Chief among them are:
  • maintaining the character and public use of these buildings;
  • improving the mountain’s accessibility;
  • expanding and consolidating Mount Royal Park’s territory;
  • enhancing and emphasizing the links between the mountain, the heart of the city and the St. Lawrence River;
  • ensuring that the mountain’s silhouette remains a key feature of the urban and metropolitan landscape.

Les amis de la montagne will follow closely, and with great interest, the implementation of the actions put forth in the plan, in particular those relating to the future of large institutional properties which will contribute to the quality of life of Montrealers and raise the city’s profile.

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