Les amis de la montagne is greatly concerned about the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and transit users in Mount Royal Park.  ​The tragic death of a young cyclist on October 5, 2017, on Camilien-Houde Way unfortunately reminds us of the importance of taking action to secure this roadway, which is increasingly used by motorists and cyclists in particular.

It is with great interest that Les amis de la montagne will take part in the new working group created by the mayor of Montréal to improve safety on this roadway and facilitate accessibility to Mount Royal Park. Our group hopes that the reorganization of the Remembrance/Camilien-Houde axis will be rethought as a whole to ensure the safety of all users.

Les amis de la montagne has already identified possible solutions for a sustainable and permanent redevelopment of this roadway in order to promote the safety of all users wishing to access Mount Royal Park, regardless of their mode of transportation. These solutions will be discussed in the working group and include, notably, the integration of facilities that reduce transit and traffic speed, as well as the development of a bicycle path.

Les amis de la montagne wishes to express our most sincere condolences to the family and relatives of Clément Ouimet and are committed to pursuing our efforts to prioritize the accessibility to the mountain and the safety of its users.
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