Like the nature around us, our team of dedicated individuals changes over time. After 26 years at the helm of Les amis de la montagne during which she championed the cause of Mount Royal, Executive Director Sylvie Guilbault passes on the torch to Hélène Panaïoti, an outstanding communicator and seasoned manager.

Before her appointment as Executive Director, Hélène held the position of Director of Communications, Advocacy and Public Engagement since 2014, solidifying her knowledge of the issues related to the protection and improvement of Mount Royal. As a dedicated advocate of Mount Royal, she will continue to champion our mission with professionalism, determination and sensitivity.

After more than two decades spent working for and on Mount Royal, Sylvie Guilbault will continue to play an important role in Les amis’s future as a governor and board member.

New Governors and Board Members

The annual general meeting in September was the occasion to elect new governors and board members.

New Board Members - Les amis de la montagne:
  • Dominique Codère
    Coordinator - GIobal Information Technologies, SNC-LAVALIN
  • Rachel Léger
    Manager, Biologist
  • Sébastien Perron-Carle 
    Vice President, Investment Banking, TD Securities
  • Patrick Tobin
    Vice President, Business Development, Rio Tinto
  • Peter F. Trent, C.Q., C.D.
    Former mayor, City of Westmount
New Board Members – Centre de la montagne:
  • Michel Devoy
    Senior Landscape Architect, AAPQ, CSLA
  • Sylvie Guilbault
    Outgoing Executive Director of Les amis de la montagne
New Governors:
  • Sylvie Guilbault
    Outgoing Executive Director of Les amis de la montagne
  • Julie Laurence
    Vice President, Legal – Consumer, Rogers Communications
  • Jean Paré
    Urban planner emeritus
  • Martin Spalding
    Vice President and General Manager Local Radio and Television – Quebec, Bell Media Inc.
For the complete list of governors and board members, consult the 2017-2018 activity report.

We wish a warm welcome to Hélène as our Executive Director and to all new governors and board members who support our mission on the mountain.
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