Filmmaker François Girard is awarded with the Prix du Mont-Royal for his feature film Hochelaga, Land of Souls, in which the mountain plays a starring role.

A Nod to Montréal’s History

Every spring, Les amis de la montagne and the City of Montréal award the Prix du Mont-Royal to remarkable individuals or institutions having demonstrated a strong commitment and outstanding actions towards the environmental protection and improvement of Mount Royal.

With his historical drama Hochelaga, Land of Souls, which delves into Canada’s various immigration waves and reveals the indigenous roots of our collective soul, filmmaker François Girard shines the spotlight on Mount Royal and the peoples that shaped its history over the centuries.

“Our mountain is an extraordinary heritage jewel. With Hochelaga, Land of Souls, François Girard makes this undisputed symbol of our city shine well beyond our borders!” said Peter A. Howlett, C.M., president and founder of Les amis de la montagne.

Top Honours to the City of Westmount

Les amis de la montagne and the City of Montréal also granted an honourable mention to the City of Westmount for the Summit Circle naturalization and reforestation project connecting the north and south slopes of Summit Woods. This project restored the area to its original vocation as an urban forest in this sector of the Mount Royal Heritage Site.

The Art of Recovered Ash

Quebec sculptor Michel Boire was commissioned to create unique and symbolic art works that were offered to the winner of the Prix du Mont-Royal and the recipient of the honourable mention. This nature-loving artist uses wood from trees infested with emerald ash borer that was recovered from Mount Royal.

The Prix du Mont-Royal ceremony is part of the May: Mount Royal Month programming, a favourite Montréal event come spring.
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