Skating on Beaver Lake – What’s the Situation?

If you live in or around Montréal, you might have heard various news reports in the past month about the closure of the natural skating rink on Beaver Lake (the artificial skating rink remains open). This sad but true fact not only disappoints Les amis de la montagne but the thousands of mountain lovers that were keen on hitting the Beaver Lake skating rink this winter.

How the Campaign Against the Emerald Ash Borer Will Affect Mount Royal and Its Users

As we mentioned in a previous article on the fight against the emerald ash borer, the City of Montréal will undertake major work over the next three years in the woodlands of Mount Royal Park and Tiohtià: ke Otsira'Kéhne Park (Outremont Summit) as part of a major campaign against the emerald ash borer.

175 Years of Snowshoeing on the Mountain

You might not be surprised to learn that Mount Royal’s snowy trails have attracted legions of snowshoers for over 175 years, but did you know that the mountain was also the stomping grounds of the first ever snowshoe club in Canada?

Take Valentine’s Day to New Heights on Mount Royal

Step up your game and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family or significant other on Mount Royal! Our afternoon or evening activities on the mountain cater to all tastes.
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Mount Royal: 20 Years after the Ice Storm

January 1998: An ice storm like no other hit southern Quebec, as well as parts of Ontario, the Maritimes and eastern United States. From January 5 to 9, three major episodes of freezing rain turned the bucolic winter landscape into a disaster scene. Who can forget the striking images of trees frozen solid in elaborate ice sculptures, collapsed electricity pylons, paralyzed roads and military assistance? On top of this, nearly half of Quebec found itself plunged into darkness when the power grid, put to the test by all the ice, gave in. 
Notice to visitors : Latest Updates in Mount Royal Park