Since our creation over 30 years ago, Les amis de la montagne has been drawing our strength from an ever-growing community of volunteers. In 1998, this was taken a step further with the launch of the Environmental Stewardship Program, which allows Montrealers to play an active role in the conservation of Mount Royal's natural habitats.

photo: Arbres Canada

Mount Royal’s rich yet fragile ecosystem requires conservation efforts that increase over time. Once again this year, it was thanks to the dedication of our hundreds of volunteers that we carry out our environmental protection mission.

Shout-Out to Our Volunteers!

A total of 626 volunteers contributed 1,252 hours of time and energy between May and October to manage areas rife with common buckthorn and help us with tree planting.

The fall was especially productive: 432 volunteers from the general public planted 1,887 trees and shrubs at various sites on the mountain. Les amis de la montagne wishes to thank Arbor Day Foundation for its financial support of our volunteer planting actions.

Finally, the corporate component of our Environmental Stewardship Program has enabled the planting of 690 trees and the control of the common buckthorn on nearly 15 000 m2. We thank all 523 participants for their invaluable help!

Whether you regularly take part in our Environmental Stewardship Program or simply love the great outdoors, we hope you will join us next spring to make the mountain even greener!
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