Les amis de la montagne has produced a synthesis report following the first Community of Practice (CoP) on ecological snow management. The Rencontres des grands propriétaires institutionnels sur la gestion écologique de leur propriété brought together major owners of properties located in the institutional ring around Mount Royal. 
On May 11, 2021, the institutional partners met with experts, community leaders and City of Montréal representatives to discuss challenges, issues and solutions inherent in snow management as well as to forge closer ties with each other. Group discussions were fuelled by lectures by Patrick Evans, architect (MOAQ) and professor at the École de design de l'UQAM, and Olivier Legault, co-founder of the Laboratoire de l'hiver and urban vitality specialist at Rues principales.

After the CoP, Les amis produced a detailed report describing discussions and outlining a shared vision for ecological snow management on Mount Royal. It also proposes five guiding principles, seven strategic orientations and several courses of action proposed by representatives of the participating institutions. 

Consult the report* to learn about the institutions’ inspiring vision regarding ecological snow management on Mount Royal.
These communities of practice stem from the Rencontres des grands propriétaires institutionnels du mont Royal launched in December 2020.

The meetings bring together representatives of institutions located around the mountain. Their purpose is to build partnerships and encourage environmentally responsible practices on their properties through informed decision-making. The local leaders are united in wanting to bolster the health of natural ecosystems, preserve biodiversity and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of Mount Royal. Les Amis are coordinating a second community of practice on the naturalization of grassy areas next October.

* Brief available in French only
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