In such uncertain times, urban natural environments constitute an oasis of calm for all citizens. As part of our mission, Les amis de la montagne ensures the protection and conservation of Mount Royal and the well-being of the large community of visitors who frequent it.
In accordance with directives issued by the Government of Quebec, the City of Montréal is applying certain measures in Mount Royal Park in order to contribute to efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19. That being said, the park remains open with the following restrictions:
  • Smith House is closed to the general public. Les amis de la montagne continues to provide full information services to park users by email, social media and on our website.
  • The Mount Royal Chalet and Beaver Lake Pavilion are closed, but access to the restrooms is maintained for park users.
  • The Café des Amis in the Beaver Lake Pavilion, Mount Royal Chalet and Smith House is closed until further notice.
  • The "La salamandre" playground is closed.
  • New measures implemented by the City of Montréal have led to the closure until further notice of the main staircase leading to the Kondiaronk Belvedere and the summit of Mount Royal. The purpose of this temporary closure is to limit the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the health and safety of visitors. People wishing to make their way to the summit are asked to take Olmsted Path, making sure to respect the social distancing measures in effect.
  • In a bid to support the park’s exceptional biodiversity which is getting ready for spring, visitors are urged to avoid off-trail walking. They are also asked to avoid forest trails, which are fragile at this time of the year and too narrow to allow adequate distance between park users.
  • Educational activities in March, included the spring session of Forest School on the Mountain, are suspended until further notice.
  • It is still possible to register for Les amis de la montagne’s summer day camp.
  • Outdoor activities such as skating, tobogganing and snow tubing are closed for the season. 
Updates will follow shortly regarding activities offered by Les amis de la montagne in the coming months according to the progress of the measures requested by the government.

For more information on Mount Royal Park, please contact the City of Montréal: