Montréal, September 3, 2021—As the municipal elections draw nearer, Les amis de la montagne is alarmed about the future of Mount Royal. Public positions espoused by some City of Montréal electoral candidates have made headlines. If implemented, they would be a major setback in the mountain’s protection. As its sustainability largely depends on the commitment of future municipal council members, Les amis is calling on them to endorse the Five Priorities for the Mountain
  1. Mount Royal is a collective asset: we must protect and recognize its iconic presence in the city as well as views to and from the mountain.
  2. The former Royal Victoria site is at the heart of the mountain and is a treasure to be restored: we must seize this opportunity to protect the integrity of this heritage site and to extend Mount Royal Park’s green spaces toward the City. 
  3. Mount Royal is the green lung of Montréal: we must protect it and take the necessary actions to improve the health of its natural environments and showcase its landscapes.
  4. Mount Royal is a safe and welcoming place: we must implement measures to ensure harmonious user cohabitation and a safe access to the site.
  5. Mount Royal embodies the concerted commitment of public authorities and the community: we must set an example as we complete all major projects on the territory, with and for the community, and pursue our goal to have Mount Royal recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Support for the protection and enhancement of Mount Royal and its emblematic presence in the landscape has grown over time through mobilization, awareness-raising and concerted efforts by the community. This work has led to significant advances, from its inclusion in the City of Montréal’s urban plan, to the implementation of a protection and enhancement plan, to the achievement of heritage site status.

We are always concerned to see progress made in the protection and enhancement of the mountain called into question in certain electoral speeches. And yet, the mountain is an emblematic feature of Montréal and Québec’s identity.  It allows us to distinguish ourselves from other cities and embodies our values of openness, sustainable development, inclusiveness and resilience. 
– Hélène Panaïoti, Executive Director, Les amis de la montagne

The aim of the pledge campaign proposed by Les amis is to offer candidates in the 2021 elections the opportunity to renew and reinforce their resolve to protect the priceless collective asset that is the mountain. Pride of Montréalers, Mount Royal shines far beyond our borders. We need a strong signal for the continued improvement of our tools and practices to protect our mountain.
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