Montréal, May 29, 2019 – Les amis de la montagne commends the efforts announced by the City of Montréal this morning to deploy temporary measures on the Remembrance / Camillien-Houde axis. The proposed transitional measures are intended to enhance safety and reduce vehicular traffic, reflecting concerns voiced by Les amis de la montagne and conclusions of the recent report published by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal.
However, Les amis de la montagne wishes to stress that this approach contains mostly solutions aimed at addressing cohabitation issues between motorized vehicles and users of active transportation.

We question the lack of measures that address the growing challenges of safe road sharing between active transportation users on Remembrance / Camillien-Houde, particularly between pedestrians and sport cyclists who will now share the same lane. In the same vein, certain measures aimed at reducing traffic might prove to be detrimental to the efficiency of public transit to the mountain, which has been identified in the OCPM report as a cornerstone of traffic reduction measures.

These considerations highlight the urgency of establishing a global vision of accessibility to Mount Royal that ensures the safe cohabitation of all users while enhancing their experience of the mountain’s exceptional heritage value and beautiful green spaces at the heart of the city.
“We have been advocating the increasing importance of developing a global vision for the safe and convivial access to the mountain for several years, but it is now critical. This vision would put an end to makeshift solutions that might inadvertently create problems. Consequently, we favour a well-thought-out plan that integrates best practices in terms of safe mobility with a view to meeting the needs of all mountain users,” said Executive Director of Les amis de la montagne, Hélène Panaïoti.

Finally, Les amis de la montagne wholeheartedly hopes that these temporary measures will lead the way to the design of a safe and scenic roadway, while expressing concern that this “temporary solution,” although providing a measure of comfort, might delay the completion and adoption of an overarching vision to guide the future of accessibility on Mount Royal.


Les amis de la montagne is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and improvement of Mount Royal through community involvement and environmental education.
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