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Adult Cross-Country Ski Program

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Good news! Our cross-country ski courses will be back this winter. We are currently working on our program schedule. Check this page and our social networks for details starting in early December or subscribe to our newletter​!

Mount Royal is the best spot in town for outdoor activities in a bucolic winter setting! Our cross-country ski lessons are for adults of all levels wishing to learn this winter sport or perfect their Nordic skiing technique on the 22 km of groomed trails in Mount Royal Park.

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What should I wear for cross-country skiing?

Opt for layered clothing. Wearing several thin layers allows you to add or remove layers if you get too hot or too cold. Also, choose waterproof pants that are comfortable and allow for ease of movement.

What type of lesson is best for me?

Make sure to carefully read each lesson description for course-specific information and prerequisites before registering.

What is the difference between a group lesson and a three-session lesson?

A group course is a 1-hour “à la carte” lesson for a maximum of 4 participants who wish to learn or review the basics of cross-country skiing. The three-session lesson is a series of three 90-minute courses designed to help participants improve their skiing technique.

If I want to do several group lessons this winter do I have to register each time?

Yes, you have to register for each group lesson. These “à la carte” courses are offered throughout the winter at different times of the week and weekend. Two levels are available: introductory and intermediate.

I used to cross-country ski several years ago, but would like to improve my technique to make my movements more efficient. What type of lesson is best for me?

Make sure to carefully read each lesson description before registering. If you are still unsure of your current level, we suggest you register in the introductory level and check with the instructor after the first lesson to determine whether you should change levels.

Will new group lessons be added during the winter?

Check our website regularly for dates and times of group courses. Courses are offered all winter long depending on snow conditions.

What is a typical lesson with Les amis Cross-Country’s Ski Club?

Lessons begin with an introduction to cross-country skiing (apparel, types of skis, waxing) and participant evaluation (ski experience, fitness level, sports background). We then practise technical exercises on our school ski trail (figure 8 loop and short ascents/descents) or on the trails in the park.

Typical lessons also include various exercises to perform on one or two skies, with or without poles. Participants take part in short or long excursions depending on group skill level and progression during the session.

How does the option “with equipment rental” work?

Lessons begin at the indicated time. If you are renting equipment, it is very important to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the start of the lesson to get your equipment.

Equipment is loaned for the lesson only and must be returned at the end of the lesson. If you wish to continue skiing, it is possible to rent cross-country skis at our equipment rental counter located at the Beaver Lake Pavilion.

Are ski lessons maintained during bad weather?

Lessons are maintained in the following conditions:
  • Snowstorms
  • Extreme cold (shorter outings with stops in the various park buildings)
  • Little or no snow, icy conditions or light rain: machines used to groom trails in the park are usually able to trace trails but lessons will be postponed or cancelled if this is not the case.
Lessons are cancelled during heavy rain.

How will I know if my lesson is cancelled or postponed?

If and when Les amis de la montagne’s Ski Club decides to cancel or postpone a lesson, an email is sent to participants informing them of the postponement or cancellation. As weather conditions can change rapidly, this email might be sent the day before or the morning of the course.

For security reasons, we might also be forced to cancel a lesson only a few minutes before it is due to start. Certain factors in the park are beyond our control, hence the decision to cancel a lesson at the very last minute.

If you are unable to retake a group lesson that is postponed, we will refund the amount of the lesson. For three-lesson sessions, the cancelled lesson will be scheduled at the end of the session.

Who are the ski instructors in the Les amis de la montagne Ski Club?

Our ski instructors are often CEGEP or university students who love cross-country skiing and teaching this winter sport. Most have practised this sport since childhood or have competed in various ski clubs across Quebec. Our assistant instructors are often former students who are now old enough to teach.

All our instructors are trained as community coaches with Ski de fond Québec and Ski de fond Canada.

Can I check trail conditions online or by phone?

The City of Montréal maintains and manages the cross-country ski trails on Mount Royal. It displays ski conditions (French only) every morning during the season.

The information is also available by calling 514 280-8989 or on our Winter Site Conditions page.

Where can I get a map of the ski trails?

You can download a map of cross-country skiing trails on Mount Royal in PDF format.

For more information on our cross-country ski lessons, please call 514 843-8240, ext. 222 or write to

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