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Repurposing the Royal Vic: an exemplary project to meet the needs and aspirations of the community

An innovative space that builds on the environment and the community's well-being in a unique landscape inspired by the Olmstedian concept of the restorative urban park experience with a focus on sustainable development and accessibility for all


The Quebec government has unveiled its Master Plan for the repurposing of the former Royal Victoria Hospital. The implementation of this plan requires amendments to the Urban Plan and the adoption of a draft by-law pursuant to section 89 of the City of Montréal Charter. To this end, the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) has been mandated to hold a public consultation on the project.

September 8 marked the first day of this public consultation on the master development plan and the draft by-laws that will govern its implementation. Montréalers have a unique opportunity to actively contribute to the future of this emblematic 14-hectare site located on the side of the mountain, in the heart of the city. This is one of the most important repurposing projects in Montréal in the decade. This site, which is open to the world, has made our city and Quebec shine beyond our borders for decades. Collectively, we can now restore it to its former glory and make the Royal Victoria an exemplary project that belongs to the community. 

A hub for community development

To ensure a strong, sustainable project that respects both the site itself the environment in which it is located, and the community, we believe that this project requires a unifying global vision that is well anchored in the current context and that ensures that the site will be public, open and accessible to the population in perpetuity. To do so, we must take a firm stand by carrying out greening actions to welcome families and citizens, by enlarging and consolidating the real limits of Mount Royal Park, and by restoring and reusing the buildings to make it a hub of heritage, social and environmental innovation where researchers, students, artisans, entrepreneurs and citizens can meet. This site must preserve its collective, open and accessible vocation by offering services to citizens and by being animated and occupied day and night to make the most of the buildings and the mountain. To become a public project, the site must be supported by modern urban planning, governance and financing tools that preserve the site’s integrity and its heritage, civic and community character.

Values that are firmly rooted in the development and prosperity of modern Quebec and that are the pride of Quebecers

Frederic Law Olmstead, Mount Royal Park’s visionary designer , "wanted to make the benefits enjoyed by the more affluent available to the disadvantaged, by visiting natural landscapes outdoors, and ultimately promote the integration of different cultures and socioeconomic levels."1

A collective responsibility to perpetuate

The Government of Quebec and the City of Montréal must fully assume their responsibility to preserve this collective asset, by remaining in control of its future, by instilling an exemplary and unique vision and by immediately providing adequate funding for the entire site. In the image of the founders of the Royal Vic and the builders of Mount Royal, let us be visionary, let us be courageous and let us be bold.

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How to actively participate in the protection of the site and its repurposing? 

  • Make your voice heard by the OCPM !
  • Share the video or this article on social media. Follow this link to find the video on Facebook. Click here to share the YouTube video.

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