In the past few years, recreational snowshoeing has grown in popularity throughout the province, including on Mount Royal! The peace and quiet of the forest, the wonderful views of the city, and the grade of the slopes which provide the occasional challenge even for the more athletic, make our mountain an ideal place for snowshoers. A 3 km trail in Mount Royal Park, accessible from Smith House or the Beaver Lake Pavilion, is groomed for exclusive use by snowshoers.

In a place such as Mount Royal Park, where there is a high volume of visitors, it is important to respect the purpose of the designated snowshoe trail. The undergrowth in our woodlands is home to wildlife and flora rich in diversity but also extremely fragile. Snowshoeing outside the marked trail hurts young trees and shrubs hidden under the snow, breaking branches and buds, and depriving them of their layer of protective snow. Small mammals living under the snow in winter may also be hurt.

Aiming to enhance snowshoers’ experience and protect the mountain’s fragile ecosystem, Les amis de la montagne has added signage along the trail so that it is more clearly identified and also to signal where fragile woodland areas are located. On your next snowshoe adventure on Mount Royal, remember to pay attention to the signs and stay on the trail. It is a simple and effective way for you to contribute to protecting the biodiversity of our beautiful mountain!

For more information, take a look at the City of Montreal map of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing trails and walking paths in Mount Royal Park (in French only).
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