History of the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP)

Since 1986, Les Amis de la montagne has played an active role in conserving the biodiversity of Mount Royal and in raising awareness of the fragility and importance of natural environments.

In 2007, we launched the Environmental Stewardship Program to promote the protection and conservation of Mount Royal through citizen engagement and participation. Environmental stewardship refers to the means put in place to bring together the citizens, organizations and stakeholders of a territory to help protect its biodiversity and natural environments.

Our Environmental Stewardship Program combines in-depth knowledge of the mountain’s ecosystem with over 30 years’ experience in volunteer and community involvement, not to mention long-standing partnerships with the City of Montréal and large institutional owners on the mountain. Since its creation, it has become a means for citizens, associations and corporations to play a key role in the preservation of Mount Royal’s biodiversity.

Environmental stewardship activities are supervised by professionals and conform to a scientific, research-based process aimed at increasing knowledge about the natural environment and developing effective methods of preserving it.

In addition, the ESP now includes the clean-up activities that were formerly part of the annual Great Mount-Royal Clean-Up. To learn more, read the article in our March 2023 From our Experts section. For more information or to register for our volunteer conservation activities, visit our Eco-Friendly Activities on Mount Royal page. 

History of the Environmental Stewardship Program

Are you part of a group, association or company?


From September to October, groups of 10 or more people wishing to get actively involved in environmental conservation are welcome to come spend a few hours helping us care for Mount Royal by planting trees or managing invasive plants as part of our Environmental Stewardship Program.

It’s a great way for employees, associates or friends to nurture nature and forge relationships in one of Montreal’s most beautiful green spaces.

Ready to go green with your team on Mount Royal? To reserve or obtain more information on our Environmental Stewardship Program, please write to benevolat@lemontroyal.qc.ca.

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