Looking for new and interesting ways to help the environment? With Les amis de la montagne, keeping Mount Royal clean and green is a walk in the park when you take part in our annual Mountain Clean-Up or our weekly volunteer conservation activities. Let your actions speak louder than your words and have a hand in environmentally friendly efforts on the mountain! 

Photo : © Frédérique Ménard-Aubin 

Annual Mountain Clean-Up Day

On the first Sunday of May, join hundreds of Montrealers for a little spring cleaning on the mountain! Removing trash and collecting recyclables is the perfect way to share in the care and conservation of the environment.
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Volunteer Conservation Activities

Ask not what the mountain can do for you, but what you can do for the mountain! Les amis de la montagne invites all citizens to participate in conservation activities on Mount Royal under the guidance of environmental specialists. Come once or as many times as you want!
Employees participating in environmental actions on Mount Royal

Are You Part of a Group, Association or Company? 

Our Environmental Stewardship Program is tailored for groups wishing to undertake environmental actions in the community.