Pleasure Boating, Spikeball and Finnish bowling at Beaver Lake

Weekends until the end of October

This summer, in addition to renting rowboats, Les Amis de la montagne will also rent outdoor games such as Mölkky (Finnish skittles) and Spikeball.

Pleasure Boating, Spikeball and Finnish bowling at Beaver Lake
This year, we invite kids and grown-ups alike to rent one of our rowboats and spend an afternoon or two paddling around Beaver Lake. And while you’re here, why not play a game of Mölkky (Finnish bowling) or Spikeball? The games will be available for rental all summer. Consult our Opening Hours and Rates page to plan your visit!

Rowboat Rentals

Whether it's a small rowboat for one or two people, or a large boat for two to four people, have a great time on Beaver Lake and see the park from a different perspective. You can rent them for 30-minute periods, but please note that an adult must accompany children 15 years old and under, in the boat, during the activity. 

Outdoor games

  • Mölkky (Finnish bowling):

    Based on a traditional Finnish game, Mölkky is an outdoor game of skill that continues to grow in popularity. It is an interesting alternative to petanque. Easy to learn, for people of all ages, played alone or in teams and adapted to all types of terrain, this game has everything to please. Come and try it at Mount Royal Park this summer! 

  • Spikeball : 

    Both athletic and fun, Spikeball is a game played in parks across the city. The practice has gained in popularity in recent years. The technique is similar to Volleyball, but uses a round, horizontal net that acts like a trampoline. Spikeball is played two on two and all the way around the net. The rules are easy to learn, regardless of age or skill level. It's guaranteed to be a lot of fun!  This game is available for purchase or rental and will allow you to spend an "active" moment on the mountain.   

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