Have a Field Day on Mount Royal!

In response to measures taken by the Government of Quebec to limit the spread of COVID-19, Les amis de la montagne has adapted its programming to offer a new online experience geared for students of all ages.

All educational activities in Mount Royal Park have been suspended until further notice. For enquiries, please contact reservations@lemontroyal.qc.ca.

New Interactive Activity

Connected to the mountain!

This spring, Les amis de la montagne are providing you with an opportunity to discover Mount Royal along with a few adventurers, our environmental educators. Your students will play a leading role in their own discoveries, choosing the areas to be explored on the mountain, during this exciting adventure. Addressing topics like ecosystems, fauna, flora, geology, history and geography, our online spring tour specifically meets elementary school’s educational goals, while also being suited to francization students.

Many surprises await you throughout this online activity, where the mountain’s amazing heritage is at your fingertips.

Amis de la montagne’s educational activities are designed to enhance experience and discovery, while complying with school program contents and your skills development objectives.

When you book, please tell us about your class’ characteristics, to help us in offering you an activity tailored to your needs and interests.

In French only

Duration: 60 minutes 
Rate: $150/class
Required equipment: high-speed internet, computer with camera, speakers and microphone, projector

Good news! This activity is eligible for Culture in Schools Program and Une école montréalaise pour tous.

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Educational Activities

Educational Activity Pre 1er 2e 3e Sec Fall Winter Spring Duration Rate/Student
Custom Exploration Excursion Based on group Starting at $9.50
Mount Royal through the Seasons1,2       3 2h / 4.5h $9.50 / $13
Mountain Wildlife 1           2h / 4.5h $9.50 / $13
Fort Royal Rally 1         2h / 4.5h $9.50 / $13
Snowshoe Excursion Tracker for a Day2           2h $12 4
Birdwatching Excursion       2h $9.50
A Scenic Overview of History        2h $9.50
Investigating Mount Royal Geology         2h $9.50
Mount Royal Summit           2h $9.50
The Mount Royal Challenge Rally 1           2h / 4.5h $9.50 / $13
From the Mountain to the River           4.5h $13
Snowshoe Excursion
In the Footsteps of Snowshoers of the Past  2
            2h $12 4

1 These activities are offered as half-days (2 h/$9.50) or full days (4.5 h/$13)
2 Winter programs can be combined with an outdoor activity, such as snow tubing or skating, for an additional fee.
3 2h only
4 Equipment included

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Recreational Winter Activities (cancelled until further notice)

Les amis de la montagne offers an equipment rental service for various sports such as snow tubing, skating, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Access to the skating rink and marked trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in Mount Royal Park is free. Access to snow tubing lanes is not free as it is a supervised activity.

Special rental rates are available for groups of 12 or more (prior reservation on weekdays only). Note that activities are offered from mid-December to mid-March, depending on weather conditions.

The schedule of activities and reservation form will be available in December.
Activity Age Rate per child and duration Availability
Snow tubing 4 to 11 years
12 years and +
$4 / 1 h 30
$6 / 1 h 30
140 tubes
Skate rentals for groups 4 years and + $9 / 2 h 400 pairs (from size 13 child to size 12 adult)
Snowshoe rentals for groups 5 years and + $9 / 2 h 25 pairs (5 to 8 years)
30 pairs (9 to 12 years)
60 pairs (13 years and +)
Initiation to cross-country skiing 6 to 16 years $20 (equipment and taxes included) Minimum 8 participants and maximum 12 participants per group
Cross-country ski rentals for groups 12 years and + $15 / 2 h 45 pairs

Other Types of Equipment for Rental

Equipment Description Age Rate per child and duration Availability
Helmet Protective helmet for skating or sliding 4 to 16 years $2 / 2 h 50 helmets
Skating support bar For beginner skaters 4 to 8 years $4 25 bars
Lock Free footlockers (subject to availability)   $3.25 / unlimited 50 locks

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No budget? No problem!

Financial assistance is available to help you come to Mount Royal with your class! The program La culture à l’école allows you to do two free cultural outings each year. For more information, refer to the government website on Field trips to cultural venues and the Répertoire culture-éducation.

The program Une école montréalaise pour tous distributes funding per student. For information on which primary schools and projects benefit from this program, please see Une école montréalaise pour tous (French only).

Groups with Special Needs

When possible, we are always pleased to adapt our school programs for individuals with disabilities. To find out how we might tailor our activities to meet specific requirements, please contact us at 514 843-8240, ext. 500 or by email at scolaire@lemontroyal.qc.ca.
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